We both live in the region therefore we have a good abutment in the local areas. a Matrix for the Making and Meaning of Christian Images in the Middle Ages.


buttery is an English word started with b. Here is the definition of buttery in Swedish. buttery: noun [but·ter·y || 'bʌtərɪ] halvdörr över vilken man säljer varor 

0. The point of junction between two things, in particular a support, that abuts. [First attested in the mid 17 th century.] noun. 0.

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n abutment That which abuts or borders on something else; the part abutting or abutted upon or against. abutment: The act or process of abutting. travismcdermott commented on the word abutment. 1644 EVELYN Mem. (1857) I. 118 The four fountains of Lepidus, built at the abutments of four stately ways.

The UCLA Abutment is a castable abutment offered with a machined gold alloy base or in a fully castable version. It may be used for single or multi-unit screw or  

Learn more. An abutment may be used for the following: To transfer loads from a superstructure to its foundation elements To resist or transfer self weight, lateral loads (such as the earth pressure) and wind loads To support one end of an approach slab To maintain a balance in between the vertical and 0. 0. The point of junction between two things, in particular a support, that abuts.

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Abutment meaning

Meaning and definitions of abut, translation in Kannada language for abut with similar  Abutment/Wingwall. Location on Bridge: Substructure. Definition: Abutment: A retaining wall that supports the ends of the superstructure. Abutments can be  The custom abutment will fit perfectly on the implant and supports the gum tissue similar to a natural tooth. Stock abutments are manufactured by dental implant  article assesses the validity of the pier abutment by means of a critical review of Key words: fixed partial denture, fulcrum, non-rigid connectors, pier abutment.

Abutment meaning

( ă-bŭt'mĕnt) dentistry A natural tooth or implanted tooth substitute, used to support or anchor a fixed or removable prosthesis. Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing © Farlex 2012. 2021-02-26 · So, the abutment is the piece that connects the implant to the final outer crown. Usually, it is made to custom-fit a person’s mouth in a dental laboratory using highly technical computerized technology or a dental technologist’s skills; however, in some cases, they are pre-made. Video shows what abutment means. The point of junction between two things, in particular a support, that abuts..
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Abutment meaning

a masonry mass supporting and receiving the thrust of part of an arch or vault. a force that serves to abut an arch or vault. a mass, as of masonry, receiving the arch, beam, truss, etc., at each end of a bridge. a mass or structure for resisting the pressure of water on a bridge, pier, or the like.

The streets were empty except for Serb police behind sandbagged abutments. In each case an  Abutment Definition.
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In dentistry, an abutment is a connecting element. This is used in the context of a fixed bridge (the "abutment teeth" referring to the teeth supporting the bridge), partial removable dentures (the "abutment teeth" referring to the teeth supporting the partial) and in implants (used to attach a crown, bridge, or removable denture to the dental implant fixture).

noun. 1 A structure built to support the lateral pressure of an arch or span, e.g. at the ends of a bridge. ‘the first bridge was of timber with stone abutments’.